The Cold War Beta Dates PNG

The Cold War Beta Dates PNG

The Cold War Beta Dates PNG. The iconic black ops series is back with call of duty®: Black ops cold war's beta a bit early, activision subsequently confirmed everything we'd want to know about the game's beta.

The Cold War Beta Dates PNG
Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War PS4 Open Beta Date … from

The beta kicks off first on playstation 4 before opening up to pc and xbox one. The beta program is rolled out to gamers over two weekends, starting on 8 october for ps4 and 15 october for xbox one and pc, although those with. Playstation 4 players will access to the beta from october 8th to october 12th.

The beta tied to xfinity allows for earlier access, but the dates will be slightly different depending on which system you play on.

Playstation 4 users, unsurprisingly, have access to this content first. This could mean that the ps4 call of duty: Every player who reaches level 10 during the beta will also receive an you'll be able to try out a wide sampling of black ops cold war's content while you play the beta. This page explains black ops cold war beta times and beta access for the weekends ahead.


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